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You were still hitting the gym, hitting the showers, and getting a regular shave and haircut. But now that you've achieved that goal, you think it's okay to take the touchy-feely stuff down a notch.But she still wants - needs, even - the kissing and the hand-holding, even when it doesn't precede or follow sex.Unfortunately, you're going to have to if you want this relationship to work.Both sides need to meet more than halfway on some of the issues, so suck it up.Reading his mind is basically impossible, but if you're in panic mode, these goodies will help get you started.Back when you first started dating your girlfriend, you bent over backwards to impress, right?Maintain-It Must #4: Compromises When you were still trying to impress her, you were a little more flexible about, say, what movies to rent or where to have dinner.But after settling into coupledom, you may have started to resent giving up your independence and may be feeling a lot more reluctant to bend.

Ask her about work, her friends, whatever she's into.

BUY ITA step in the right direction for the guy who thinks Dr.

Bronner's soap can cure cancer and never wears moisturizer.

However, Boyfriends can't be Working/Dating in order for this to occur.

Dating with a Friend will earn the invitee more Traits than normal. Precautions These will earn you traits and EXP just the same as Dates. However you will be able to gain and lose traits in a number of different categories, all following the best route to attain the Type set in your guide.

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